My boyfriend told my best friends boyfriend that she was cheating on him, and I'm the bad guy?

So.. This is a REALLY long story.. So to make it short!
I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. About 2 months into our relationship our best friends met each other, and it was like love at first sight for Those two.
So.. Me and my bestfriend we did EVERYTHING together, we might as well have been in a relationship, because we were texting and calling each other ALL the time. Now.. She was scared of me forgetting her when I met my boyfriend, so I did EVERYTHING to keep her and my boyfriend just as close, and see them equally.
Now.. She met my boyfriend best friend, and they just dissapeared into a black hole! I never heard from her, she didn't even text me anymore..
So after this there has been a LOT of drama, apparently my boyfriends best friend is very jealous of him? So he constantly tried to break us up (he still does). So me and my best friend stopped talking.

Now to the Real issue..
She cheated on him, and told him
He cheated on her to get revenge, but didn't tell her (I knew this, but wasn't allowed to tell, because I wasn't even allowed to know)
But then.. She Goes cheating on the poor guy again!

I told my boyfriend that I heard somebody say that she kisses this guy.. And that he wasn't allowed to say a word to his best friend.. But he did and now they aren't a couple anymore :(

Now to the reason that I'm asking this question, that hasn't been asked yet

She Unfollowed me on instagram, and deleted my Facebook yesterday..
And it's been weeks since they broke up..
She's still friends with her ex, even though he cheated on him

I feel so bad, and I told her a Thousand times..
But there's nothing i can do

Am I the bad guy?
And why is it me that gets the unfriending, and not the cheating boyfriend?:(


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  • TO be honest, it sounds like she's saved you a lot of the effort of having to get HER out of YOUR life. She sounds crazy, so stick with your boyfriend and try to focus on making stronger friendships with people who don't bring so much drama into their lives!!

    • I really nedded to hear something like that!
      But my conscience is KILLING me..
      I feel so awful :(

    • I agree 100%.

      Yes she is an awful friend. She can't even own up to her cheating, she has to blame you. You're better off.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Probably because she figures the only way for your boyfriend to tell his friend about her cheating on him again was from you spilling the info to him. So she is upset at you since the breakup might not have happened if you wouldn't have said anything.

  • i couldnt read dude, we hadn t situation


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes you are the bad guy. She's your best friend and you should have had her back. You should not have told your boyfriend.

    If I was her I wouldn't talk to you either. You broke the trust and showed that you can't keep her secrets from others (even if its your boyfriend).

    • She broke our trust before.. I know it doesn't make it better that I do it too..
      But if I was her I would pretty much hate me too, I just don't get how he's not the bad guy too somehow? :(

    • I mean she did wrong by her bf, but as her best friend you should not tell other people her business.

  • She would expect him to betray her trust but not you since you are her best friend. You should have kept her secret instead of passing it on.

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