Can someone help me with what he means? Confused?

So me and this guy is more then friends but nothing serious. Why texting last night he said 'slowly creeping up in my estimations you are.' ... When I asked what he meant he said 'it's a good things trust me.' He then proceeded to invite me around to his today when he gets back from work. (He's been away for work for 4 nights).

He then went out with his boss and work friends and got really drunk & even though I told him to have fun and enjoy himself and that id see him tomo. He spent most of the night texting me. And when he finally stumble back VERY drunk I must add he still said goodnight an sent a bunch of kisses.

Can someone explain what he means about the estimation thing? & could he like me?


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  • He likes you, rest assured :) And the estimation thing? Haha, just read it clearly once again :) Its really simple. How he estimated you at first? Like what image he formed of you? You're nothing like what he imagined you to be. By creeping up slowly... what he really meant was that, You're nothing like what i thought, but you're even better than that, and you're different than others. I hope this helped :)


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  • Total stupid comment. That kind of talk would turn me off. Sounds like douche-bag language to me.

    Yeah, I think he likes you more than a friend. When you're drunk you're not aware of what you're saying, and the truth part of your brain is activated, so he said goodnight with kisses. Either that, or he's went up a notch in talking to you.
    If you've recently began getting close (as friends, as whatever) then maybe he thinks that he was wrong to not engage in you before.


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