How can I find this girl I have been talking to?

I am on this dating site, and this girl and I started talking and I really found myself getting closer to her. She claims she is a virgin and Christian. She also said she was in a long term relationship, and it did not work out (I do not know the details).

I expressed my attachment to her, and then we started talking more and more. We eventually started talking dirty talk, and I found myself growing closer to her.

Well anyways, we get deep into the dirty talk, and she wants to continue it and I start typing and then all of a sudden, the conversation seizes. The next day, she apologizes and said she fell asleep. I thought it was odd because I did not see how she can go from participating in intense sexting and wanting more to just falling asleep instantly like that. I responded back and saw she was online, I got no reply. I waited and waited, no reply, which was unusual.

I grew suspicious, because I came to the realization that maybe she was not a virgin like she claimed because if she was able to start talking sexually to me, a stranger, within a few days of knowing me, how did she not participate in any sexual activity within the context of her previous long term relationship? And she went from being sweet to talking vulgar. And then, I could of sworn some info on her profile changed, like her height. I grew more and more weary and confronted her about it. For one, I was irritated she never responded to me which was unusual, but I sent this:
Ok... I have figured this out.
1) You are lying. For one, I highly doubt you are a virgin with no sexual history. You obviously know the acts of sex, enough to lead me on. But a girl who has been in a long term relationship previously and already has started sexting with a stranger after a few days of chatting with him online is suspicious. But you also know enough to lead me on.
2) You are probably not who you make me think you are. It seems odd that you claim and broadcast online you are a Christian girl but...

can easily initiate sex talk.
3) You changed data. Your details at one point read you were 5 feet 5 inches in height, and now you are 5 feet 2 inches? Impossible.
4) Your schedule is screwed up badly. Mine is screwed up, but you are only an hour
behind me and I do not see how you can be busy all during the day and manage to stay up until 3 AM or the entire night.
5) You lied again. There is no way that during a heated sexting discussion, that you would instantly just "fall asleep"


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  • Hun, you need to be careful when talking to people on dating sites, I've been there, and beleive me not everyone on there is who they claim to be. There some on there that aren't even the sex they claim to be. And yes they lie. About not being married. About there age, height, gender, occupation, whatever. I dont know why. Maybe just to screw with anyone that will take the bait I would bet money that this is what you have enountered with this "girl" if she even is one.
    Id just forget about her. You seem like an inteligent guy, now act like one. Wake up. :)


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  • Hi, im in a dating sites too.. not all people there are true.. you have to be observant to whom you are talking. I also experienced

  • Sex talk and actual sex are totally different. I lost my virginity very late, very very late! And I was ways horny and I used to talk mad dirty with certain guys but never actually had sex till I met the one.

    • Thank you. I can tack on...

      I continued to say...
      So you are an imposter, a lier, and what you are doing is absolutely cruel. I hope you burn in hell.

      She then deleted her profile, and now I am sad because I screwed up and want to talk to her again.

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    • I think I found her Facebook. I am not for sure, but I sent a message out

    • And as for the sleep thing I'm like that, lots of people are. I sometimes can go the night not sleeping, then have bad sleep all week and one day I'll be reading or texting or something and just fall asleep in the middle of it. Lots of people are like that.

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  • You need to video chat with this girl. Bottom line

    • She deleted her profile, but she provided some vital information. I tried looking her up elsewhere, but cannot find her. I want her badly but I f'ed up and now I feel I have lost her with no way of finding her.