Was it a good thing to end my relationship?

Me and this guy like each other for a while but we never had the courage to make a move. So when he asked me out it was a shock. We dated for 3 months until I ended the relationship. He told me he loves me and I always made time for him. But the thing is while we were dating he flirted with other girls. I didn't let it get to me at all. Since we dated all he ever wanted to talk about was sex. It started to get uncomfortable to the point where he would take explicit sex pictures off of twitter. When I told him I wasn't like that he called me a bitch and some other "intense" words I'd rather not share. Was I right to break up with him after multiple chances?


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  • He was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate. Basically, he's a twat. Yes you made the right decision.

  • Yeah, good/smart call. You CAN do better. Quality men make you feel loved, not used or hurt.

    • Yea :/ every time I would tell myself that people makes mistakes and I would be his friend all over again just to find out I was being played

    • Eh, he's no good, better off without him.