A girl said "no strings attached" in an ambiguous way?

So, I was out dancing a few nights ago and met a girl with whom I had amazing dance chemistry. I danced better with her than anyone else there. I LOVED it.

I told her I loved the dance chemistry, and that it was the best I'd had all night. She agreed with me, enthusiastically. The style we were dancing in was pretty sensual, close, and so on.

I told her I thought she was damned cute and asked her if she was single...

She then said it was complicated at the moment and she wasn't sure how to answer. She actually kind of started to explain, but I cut her a bit short and said,
"Let me ask you an easier question... would you like to get some hot chocolate with me some time?"

She said without missing a beat "Yes!"
And then added a second later,
"But no strings attached."
I agreed.

My first impression was that she was saying "I'm not looking for a 'relationship'."

I don't know. What's your impression, in this context, of the "no strings attached" comment?

No thoughts? Guess I'm overthinking it.


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  • In that context it kind of sounds like "don't expect anything from me, in exchange for this hot chocolate".

    I would include sexual, emotional, and romantic in the "no strings attached" comment until other wise clarified.

    in my opinion anyone under "its complicated" status should be left alone, they're messy people.


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