He initiates text messages but has not asked me out on a date yet?

So I met this guy from plenty of fish. I told him they were having a mixer close by where we live. So he said he would go and asked to be my date. So I said yes. When we met there we were totally into each other. He bought me a drink we were holdin. Hands. We almost kissed. He asked me to come with him out to eat after the event was over. I declined politely. He said that's ok there will always be another time. So after wards we start texting other. In the beginning he's more talkative.. He sends me good morning texts.. but then he still initiates the texts but the conversation via text is very lack luster. And I'm trying to figure out are we ever going to go out on a date. So after 2 days of no one texting any one I text him and say " hey you know we should really get together soon so we can get to know each other better" he responds with " we should" then he says "how's your day going" then says "what are you doing" I ignore all of those texts from him.. the next day he initiates text again and says "how are you"
Ok so what's up with this guy.. Does he like me or not?


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  • Technically he has asked you out on a date. I can point out two situations:
    "So he said he would go and asked to be my date."
    "He asked me to come with him out to eat after the event was over."

    However, I noticed this: "I declined politely."

    I've seen this before. I don't understand why the confusion. I've answered posts where women are going crazy asking why the guy isn't making any moves, when in fact the guy has made moves already and been turned down by her.
    This guy was trying to move ahead with you, but you stopped him in his tracks. You rejected his advance, therefore he decided you were not into him. Even with your saying "hey you know we should really get together soon so we can get to know each other better", he is seeing it as mixed signals from you. He probably isn't sure what to do now apart from keep in contact.
    You've confused him so much.

    • Thanks for your answer. I cannot help but think he'sjust not that into me. He has not called me. All we do is text. And no follow up date has been planned. When I ssaid we should go out and get to know each other better.. He should have said. Yeah where do you want to go. Or yeah let's go here... but I think it's like ignoring my question by just saying we should.. okkkaaaayyy and when? You know. There is no follow through

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  • Okay you are confusing him. Maybe he doesn't want to seem desperate. Either way, after you tell him that you 2 should get to together, those questions were to a) see if you are free b) if you are in the mood. PEOPLE CANNOT READ MINDS! If anything, he's questioning you as to whether or not you like him. Put some perspective into it, and shift your paradigm. You will be enlightened. So, respond to those texts and say good day/bad day, let's go/no. Eazy-peazy lemon squeezy,

    • Please tell me how I'm confusing him. I feel like he's not that into me because he has really stopped texting me.. I think it's over. And if I'm the one who said we should go out and get to know eachother better if he liked me he seems like he would be saying oh yea we can go here or there. Where do you want to go.. but I get none of that.. all I get is.. "we should" okaaay yeah and when... ?

  • why did you turn him down? i hate it when a girl sends mixed messages its like well does she like me? stop playing games

  • Well why did you ignore him when he text. He could be trying to take it slowly so he doesn't wreck his chances.

    But then he may think your playing games if you ignore him.


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