Is it rude to ask when you'd be available and then not get back to that person?

I had a guy ask me if I was available anytime during the upcoming weekend. That was on a Tuesday, and I said I was available Friday. He never wrote back to set up a date or to say that day wouldn't work. Even if he decided he would rather not see me, that would have been better than just leaving me hanging. I wrote back and called him on it--nicely. Should I have done this? Was not getting back to me rude? Thanks.


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  • It is rude, I think he could've simply said he doesn't have time then and rescheduled or if he didn't want to see you he could've just said so. People like to avoid any type of confrontation from telling someone they can't meet or don't want to meet so they take the easy road out and just stop responding. It's rude and a little childish.