How do Women in this day in age get long term Boyfriends if they go off to Colleges then Graduate schools in some far away states?

It goes the same for guys but i see more Women are into higher education and great careers and they like to travel and move.

Anyways so here's the thing, how do they even get long term relationships? from highschool they go off to college far away possibly in other states so if they had a BF in HSchool it's over. Same thing for colelge.. Then same thing for moving some other state for a job.

It would seem to me that with this style of living they could not get a BF/husband till they're in their 40s or later when they finally finished with schools and moving for jobs.

But then again i don't know cause i have no experience with relationships. i'm just asking.


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  • If your grades are high or even a little bit low - you should be able to get into a graduate school in your home city or at the very least state. I knew plenty of people who got low marks in school that got into graduate schools within walking, busing or driving distance from their homes and place of employment so it's possible and not at all hard. Location should not be an issue unless you want to go to a place like Harvard / Yale / Princteon - if you aren't focused on ivy league and have average or even below average intelligence, you should have no difficulty getting into a school close to you, your job, your home and your significant other.


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  • Depends on what you define long term. For some people long term is 6 months, about the duration of one semester.

    Often times people date while they're in college and take a break.. during the breaks. Some people stay in long distance relationships. And some people date people who have the same travel schedules they do.

    IF someone is interested in dating, they find a way to make it work.

  • You can find LTR in your school. Those long hours studying you can easily find someone at your school.

    • yeah but i mean, after highschool the girl goes her way and the guy his way.. they don't live in the same area. they live far apart. and then things happen and jobs and i don't think they would continue being BF/GF after all those changes

    • There are new boys and girls in their respective schools... you get a new one!

    • high school dating is hardly serious dating

  • You can meet guys anywhere as long as you're putting yourself out there


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