How do you know someone likes you?

how do you see someone likes you? is it realy obvious or do you have to surch for it? and is it the same for shy people? :p


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  • Displayed through behaviour, such as where eyes are wandering, openness of posture, hands, feet. Also the tone of his voice and the speed of his speech. The content of his words and their overall coherence, theme and his meaning.


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  • Hmm back in school I was always staring at different girls, so best to not assume they love ya if you feel they keep looking at ya.

    We won't tell ya unless we feel that we have a chance at ya.

    Men are suppose to be the initiators but it doesn't matter.

    If you feel like someone wants to like you but hasn't said anything, you should probably make a move, in highschool its usually lustful love.

    Unless your views and values are well known and are concrete, more than likely its a lustful love, so best to enjoy being young and find out personally if one likes you or not.

  • They usually tell you?

  • If you are a girl , most guys like you. If you are an ugly guy (which i am) girls want you dead

  • If he rapes you, he is most certainly in to you.


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