How do I tell him this/bring it up without it being super uncomfortable?

I started a new job 2 months ago & met this guy I have a lot in common with. We talk a lot at work, & I really like him as a friend but nothing more.

The problem is I've gone out on two dates with him. I didn't know our 1st "date" was a date until afterwards & he never really clarified that our 2nd "date" was a date until we were already out & about. He just got out of a 3-year relationship at the end of June, so I assumed he wasn't aiming for dating or a relationship. Plus he had a little fling with another coworker (who's in a relationship with someone else) right after the break-up & as far as I'm aware they still meet up & do whatever it is they do. This never bothered me bc I'm not interested in him romantically, but I feel like it's worth mentioning.
The 1st time we hung out, nothing romantic happened-I avoid flirting like the plague.
The 2nd time we got some pizza & saw a movie. At the time I didn't think anything of it bc we both mentioned how much we love movies. During the movie he held my hand & I looked at him like "what are you doing?" but apparently he didn't get it. I know I should've let go or something but I was honestly so surprised I didn't know what to do. Then halfway through the movie, he kissed my cheek & I didn't even acknowledge it bc I was shocked.
After the movie, he kissed me. I pulled away-overwhelmed-& said, "I'm not good at this. I'm sorry. I'm really not good at this." He then told me I was adorable, & I just said I had a nice day & left. He texted me later & apologized for taking it too far & I told him I wasn't good at romantic stuff but then he just told me I was cute and that he had a good time.

He wants to go to another movie this weekend & I already said yes before the kiss happened. I like being his friend & hanging out with him, but I don't want to be in a relationship with him or lead him on any further.

I feel horrible for letting this happen, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. What should I say to him?


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  • well you both are on different pages, but its possible for a person to move their intentions from being romantic to just being friends, just clarify what you want and let him do what he wants with the info, he could be your friend after or he could leave the whole situation


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  • GrowStrong is right on the money. Personally I think the sooner you do it, the more likely you are to keep being friends.