Called to brag about his new girlfriend, but then says he loves me? Would it look bad if I got into a relationship?

So my ex and I had no contact for 2 weeks and apparently he got into a relationship. We were together 5 years. And he called me Friday night telling me "I'm gonna talk and ur gonna listen" and he brags about his new gf and how hot she is etc. but then he says "but I'm not happy bc I'm still so in love with u" and he goes in to say how much he loves me and he's not happy with her (he did the breaking up) . I told him I'm not being his side thing and he said he doesn't want that bc he loves me too much but wants to "give her a chance" she's 16 and he's 18 . So the question is: would it look weird if I made it official with another guy? Do you think my ex would be upset?


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  • Yes by the sounds of it he wouldn't like it, but keep in mind his actions too, he went and got into another relationship too, first actually, and he says he loves you but broke up with you and says he wants to give this girl a try, does that sound like someone in love? I hope this helps.

    • His parents got a divorce and he felt like I wasn't "there for him" (it was finals week if college when it happened) and I felt really guily I wasn't able to give him attention. And I love him dearly and we were talking about getting engaged soon. But after his parents he said "he didn't think he could love anyone anymore"

    • Im not trying to attack him, I'm only saying to look at his actions, and based on those its ok for you to start dating again too if you want to. Think about it this way he says he wants to give that girl a chance so if you choose to why can't you give that guy a chance too?

    • I see ur point. Thanks for the advice!

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  • You should only make it "official" with a new guy if you and the new guy are considering a legitimate relationship with each other and you're not just trying to make your ex jealous. It sounds like he's still into you and wants to make YOU jealous, but still hasn't quite come to grips with things yet.

    You're doing the right thing by telling him that you're not just going to be a "side dish". It sounds like that's what would be the case though.

    • I do like this guy but I don't know if I see. Future with him like I did my ex since we knew each other for 11 years

  • He is trying to make you feel jealous. Don't fall for it! If you're both 18 honestly you two do not even really know what real love is. Try living together things changes really fast...

    • We did for a summer, no probs.

    • Go date around get more experience you will find out quickly what kind of guy you are more compatible with and based on myself and my male friends. We find when a girl knows what she wants it is a huge plus. This does NOT mean that you should sleep around with a bunch of guys though... Best of luck to you young lady.

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  • Don't be faking just to make him mad? lmao.. tell the whore you are happy for him and his new chick and you could give seven fucks if he's happy or not.. PEACE ! .. then hang up or don't respond... essentially cut him off and move on because he's an attention whore with issues so...

    • I know I should but it's so hard to do

    • Like Nike once said.. JUST FUCKING DO IT!

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