He was being really different last night and we haven't talked at work?

So a couple things 1 he told my friend that he doesn't like me and doesn't wanna talk to me an he was talking to me less on purpose basically. 2 he told me that he might see a connection between me and him but that was 2 years ago.. And then last night we went out with a couple of other people and my crush picked me up and he was talking to me a little and then he was talking about last Wednesday and why he got so drunk and he's like what did I do I was like I don't know an he's like yeah you know tell me and I told him and he's like oh I feel bad now and then he's like yeah I kept trying to hug a girl I was like oh but he was talking really quietly I had to say pardon a couple times and he seemed a little nervous but he never looked me in the eye if he did he would for a second then look to the side or floor and then I was gonna take a cab home and my friend tried giving me money and he's like no put it away I'm bringing her home and everytime I went to go text he would kinda glance at my phone.. And he looked at me a lot and he told me to text him because he's coming over swimming today.. So it's really weird and especially how he told me that he hugged a girl.. That kinda bothers me because I do like him and like today he didn't talk to me at allll but kept looking at me


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  • Trying to make you jealous.

    What an idiot.

    Go find someone who doesn't act like an ass.