What to do When a Friend and a Potential Girlfriend Don't Get Along?

I'm going on a third date soon with a girl I met a few months ago. At first we were just friends. She had went on a date or two with a mutual friend, but recently we were going to go to a social event he was hosting until she told me he's a jerk and she didn't want to go.

I didn't ask for details because I didn't think it was any of my business but I'm not sure how to handle the issue. We share a rather large circle of friends so avoiding him whenever she is with me will eventually be noticed, especially if we start dating.

If I had to guess who is in the wrong I would say it is him. She is very easy going, likes to have fun, and never even gives off a hint of selfishness or of being demanding, while he is a bit older and is a bit on the aggressive side (though that isn't necessarily a bad thing). But then again, I don't know either of them well enough to be sure and I've not had any bad interactions with either of them.

Any idea on what would be he best way to handle the issue? We are all mid 20s, if that makes a difference.


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  • Honestly I would find out why they dont like each other... Usally people like that only have issues over secrets


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