What is a guys ideal date? and how would you finish it off?

the question says it all what is your ideal date?

and how would you finish? where would you take her? what would you do? all the deets thanks


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  • This is a bit of a challenging question because honestly my ideal date would really be based on the girl I am with. I am a bit of an excessive romantic person. I would look for simple ways to bring a smile to her face and give her memories to cherish. Honestly, the point of a date is to bring happiness to the person you are with and your happiness will come from the joy and connection you have with them. It could be something as simple as cooking a amazing dinner together, or hiking through a forrest that comes out to a vista where you can watch the sunset. These kind of things aren't too cliché, and they certainly aren't hard to do but they make memories that will last. But one of the biggest things is that there is no generic romantic date. True romance comes from understanding the person you are with and showing them that they matter enough for you to know those things about them. The night would end wherever it ends, there shouldn't be pressure for the end because that spoils the purpose of the date. When the date is done though you should know each other better and should feel more connected.


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  • The ideal date in my view is going to the beach right before sunset and gazing into the orange horizon. As the night sky looms over us and the stars begin to shine, there are two very nice options going forward.

    One, I could take her to a nice restaurant and we could finish the night at my place watching a movie and getting cozy. Either ice cream or alcohol would be included to render us physically incapable of getting off the couch.

    Two, we could watch a movie/show then go back to my place where I cook her something nice paired with wine so we get tipsy and touchy in candlelight. Romantic music would be playing in the background.

    Ideally, she wouldn't drive home drunk or tired, so she'd spend the night. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX SEXY TIME! Lol not necessarily, it would depend on how she feels. By the way, I have roommates so the 2nd option would not likely occur as planned, but ideally they wouldn't factor in...

  • Come over my place. Light a fire in the backyard. Crack some wine/beers and chill on the trampoline until it gets too cold and dark, then move to the fire and roast some s'mores. No pressure. Just music and laughter. If it was a great date, then it should end with breakfast (if you know what I mean).

  • Go for a few drinks, have a laugh, see if I like her or not, see. if she likes me, if it's all going go back to mine or hers and go balls deep bustin all kinds of nuts.


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