Why does she act like this? she acts like my girl, the signs are all there but why can't we move forward. I'm so lost?

lately, I have been thinking about my last relationship..

I don't get why she acted the way she was but don't want to move forward with it..

but after a few dates, she acted more intimate.. for example.. we would be at the bar, and she asked me if i would like to try her drink out..

during dinner, she would kick me under the table.. and during dessert.. she asked me if i would like to try her's out.. but instead of splitting it, she would hand it to my mouth..

and no matter how you long at it.. friend's don't do that kind of stuff..

during one night while we were at a friends party, i was talking with another girl.. and i caught her looking at me across the room..

so in any guy's mind.. she pretty much likes you and you would go with the flow.. all the signs are there...

I know we both like each other but we never admitted it. We would act like a couple without a title.. our mates noticed there are sparks between the 2 of us..

so one night, we went out to dinner. and i asked her what is all this leading to.. cause i'm not getting younger nor is she. I don't have time to waste.. are we on as a couple? or what? she admitted to liking me this whole time. and then we kissed..

ever since then, she won't talk to me.. nothing.. she stated ' is uncomfortable around me'.. really? so all these times when we are out, she was comfortable around me but after we had the talk, she is uncomfortable?

here is how i feel, if she wasn't acting like my girl, I wouldn't be acting like it.. people say actions speaks louder than words.. and her actions clearly showed me she was interested but why is that she acts like it was nothing between us?

this week, it would have been we met for one year..

I tried calling her, texting her.. she won't pick up nor reply.. I don't like how it ended.. she got the satisfaction of it.. but what did i get in return? I tried to move on but it just boggles me how it ended..


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  • Maybe she's confused about how she feels towards you because she was more comfortable with you as a friend and you kinda stepped in a new light together


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