Is he into me - there was a spark?

Just did a "meet up" that was set up through mutual friends. Less than an hour later he said we should catch up again and he suggested lunch and then I said we should see a movie after and he said yes. He's super shy but there was a definite spark when we met for the first time. Like, there were pauses in the conversation and we would just stare into each others eyes like there was nothing to even be said. Do you think he thinks our next meeting is a "friends" thing or more of an "interested" thing. Thoughts boys and girls? Thanks ahead of time!

**he texted saying we should meet up again less than an hour later


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  • I feel that he's definitely interested to be more than friends with you, but his shyness will probably stop him from making it obvious too soon. So as of now, just go with the flow, and see if he mentions about this after a few meet-ups. if he doesn't, then you could take the initiative nad ask him if he wants to be more than friends. But you are right about the 'sparks'. Just be careful how you handle him, because shy guys are very easy to lose if you don't compensate for their shyness.

    • I found out afterwards that he thought i was cool and liked how i talked a lot lol. do you think he will try to hold my hand at the movies or anything? we hugged at the meetup and that was nice.

    • Since he was ok with hugging you, I guess he would probably hold your hand at the movies. Hugging is obviously a slightly more 'profound' gesture of affection than holding hands. Since he had no problem with hugging, I don't suppose he will hesitate to hold hands. Good luck! Wow, all this sounds so cute, and makes me remember the good old days of my youth!

  • Was the meetup a date? I highly doubt it's a friends thing, make sure he knows it's not tomorrow I guess.


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