Girls, is she going to text me back?

I met a girl in the city and had the chance to chat a little bit with her. The chemistry felt good! Than some complications came in (I won't go into that) and i didn't had the chance to ask her out. A few days later, on Saturday, I met her again (which is not something usual in a large city) and asked for her number.. she seemed to be confused (shyness) and she blushed a little.
Then she said something like "It's easier if I tell you my name and you'll find me on facebook" where i agreed and then we split up. I assume she didn't know her number or was to confused for that, which is fine with me.
The next day afternoon I gave her an add and wrote her a short message.
Now its been three days since we've met and she hasn't even read my message nor gave me an add. (On Facebook you can tell if someone read your message by seeing a tick-mark under written the message; in case you don't know)

Girls, is this some kind of trick you might do to not appear to pushy or something? Should i worry about this?
Or maybe she just didn't had time to go online since than?


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  • Maybe she didn't had time to go online, yes. I suppose that since she hasn't seen the message yet. I totally understand why she didn't gave her number, I do the exact same when guys that I have just met ask my number. But I also think that if she was really interested she would already go online on Facebook to see if you sent her anything. I don't think that this is a move to not appear too pushy, girls usually don't do that when they are REALLY interested. Maybe she has a boyfriend... what did you say in the short message?

    • If the message is too short she can actually read it without open it. Don't you have any way of finding out if she's active recently on facebook?

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    • I just saw that she made a post yesterday about asking if someone could take her to a (X named) city, tomorrow, after tomorrow or after that..
      After my calculations, basses on facebook, that was a few minutes, maybe a half an our after I have sent her the message.
      So i assume she was online, but she didn't check my message. I don't really understand but I guess that off for me.

    • Thanks for the MHO, I hope everything's okay right now.

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