Does she want me to chase her - or not interested?

Slept with my flatmate debbies friend lucia 2 weeks ago. I fancy the hell out of her - and we spent the night together chatting and making out. I added her on fb - but it took her a week to accept - and she hasn't messaged or anything.

Anyway, debbie invited me over to lucias party yesterday - and lucia was really nice when I got there - gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug. The girls where playing hula - and lucia was so good at it - she was moving her hips so sexy - driving me wild - ha ha.

I chatted to her a few times - and then at the end of the night lucias flatmate said i could sleep in the spare room. As I was going to bed - lucia was brushing her teeth and she could see me in the spareroom. She finished up and was about to go to bed without saying anything to me. I called her in - to try and chat to her - and she was like 'ahhh im really tired and you have hardly spoken to me all night'. I just wanted to ask her if it was just a one night thing, but she just wanted to go to bed - so I said 'ok - its ok' - and she left.

Now im wondering - did she mean 'i like you - but im disappointed with your lack of effort' or is she just not interested in anything.

I haven't fancied a girl like this for ages - so want to give things a go before I move on.


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  • She wants to pretend that she never slept with you.


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  • Her actions say, "I'm not interested; it was just a one night thing" but then she says "you've hardly spoken to me all night" which throws it off.

    Based on that, I think she very well might think, "I like you but I'm disappointed with your lack of effort."


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