Doesn't want a relationship... advice?

I have been seeing a guy for 2 months and we both like each other. He takes me to dinners, concerts, and even gave me the key to his apartment.

I recently asked him what I should call him: a boyfriend, a friend, what? And he responded that he isn't ready for a relationship. He gave some reasons like his job, he ended a serious relationship 6 months ago, and our language difficulty (English is his second language). But he promised me that he is only interested in seeing me and won't talk with other women. We basically have the qualities of a relationship without the title.

Should I take his refusal as a sign of never wanting to be exclusive with me? Or is there a way to make him see me as safe to be in a relationship with?


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  • Do not think about it too much as you say he only sees you and does not talk with other women. Do not push for any exclusive titles either. He actually goes out with you and does activities with you so don't worry about anything. I know quite a few guys who does close to nothing with their so called girl friends.


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