Why guys miss girls only when they're too busy? or moving on to smething else?

the more im far from my BF the more he starts to be needy n asks about me and wants to talk to me and all this, is he afraid to loose me?


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  • it sounds like he is afraid to lose you maybe. or he is just missing you hard because you become more distant or busy. but if you are totally available and nearby then he won't miss you as much because he knows the opportunity is always there. but when the opportunity is not present then he starts acting like that.

    • he's actually this kind of guy that speaks his mind openly !! and so, he tells me that he needs me and all this being really honest! but the more i get closer he feels okey ! as soon as i get busy.. he gets angry more jealous and sometimes act really bad ! still just afraid to loose me? or anger management problems?

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    • ya i think i'll do that.. dont u think if i do ask him this? he'll end up understanding that im not interested to him?

    • well that's why you have to reassure him that you still are but this is something you feel you need to do anyways.

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  • how would you get a chance to miss someone when theyre always around?

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