Should I move on to a girl less stressful or keep trying with someone I know I love but confuses me more than anyone I've ever met?

So I've known this girl for a while we've been seeing each other on and off for about 5 years but about 3 years ago we had an incident that left me pissed for about a week and left her feeling like I never wanted her. Well we could never get on the same page. She would act distant and pull away then get upset when I ended things even after she already ended things. She would do things like break up then get frantic when I tell her I can't handle being friends right now or start avoiding me and tell me to find someone else then get upset when I agree. Well now she has a boyfriend (who she dated after breaking up with me broke up with and went back too after trying to date me again) yet she still asked me out. She bailed on the first date I sucked it up and tried to move on. She asks to go out again I set a date for that Thursday and she reschedule that morning to that Sunday. I suck it up again and go. Great date! I ask her out again and she gives no answer for a while. She agrees later but the day of she "sleeps in late" I don't blow up and tell her i still want to go. She acts excited and once again we have an amazing date lots of laughing, touching, and complementing as well as a lot of deep conversation and attentiveness. Until the very end of the date. She gives me an awkward hug compared to usual but tells me to text her later. I did the response? a frowney face. As far as I could tell I didn't say anything wrong so I texted her again a few days later no response. It didn't really warrant a response though so I let it go waited a week and asked her out she waits a day and a half and sends a one word reply with a ton of question marks. I reply like a normal person then again another one word reply. Well by Friday I didn't really want to see her anymore so since the plans weren't set in stone I changed them mostly because I knew she would bail. Now I'm not sure if I should just move on or try again in a few days. She's a wonderful girl but so confusing.


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  • Well i don't know, reading your text I realize that that girl is acting just like me, if i'll have to explain myself, I am afraid that something that already happened to me, happens again. So I know that the day he'll ask me of why and of course I'll feel comfortable to talk about it, I will and that day if he'll actually understand me, he'll be the closest person ever. Hope that my answer somewhat helped you

    • It does a little. I've picked up on some of the little things that get to her. Like the word lonliness and her weight. And I think she's afraid of divorce since her moms been through 2 and her dad's been through one. But I really don't think I can even get her to go out with me again and I don't want to push her especially when she's already seeing someone else

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    • I don't understand what you mean

    • Like try to support her emotionally as a friend not as someone who wants to be her man, even for me it's hard to explain, but I think she's emotional and really fragile so just be there to support her emotionally and then she might open up a bit, Hope it's a bit more clear

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  • She's having second thoughts about it. She isn't really sure about the whole you and her.


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