How do you know if someone is eating with a bf or gf theough an ig photo?

Id first like to stay, I do NOT stalk, I inverstigate lol... so there is this guys that I saw on fb (an old hs classmate was tagged in a photo w him). I thinks he's really cute and through my investigation lol, it seems like he is a cool guy. Im not gonna try to message him or anyhthing bc 1. im pretty shy, 2. im not the type to approach guys, and 3. he seems really busy... He has an ig thats public and from time to time i check it. He recently posted a photo of two plates at dinner time. The plates were side by side (not too close though, but not like he was haning with a male friend). it was a nice fish dinner that he prepared with wine. I want to know if there is a certian way couples eat (like face to face or side to side...) My parents think that he was feeding his mom bc the dinner wasn't "romantice" but Im not sure bc i see it as he's a recent college grad eho probably can afford that stuff right now. Im trying to figure out if he was eating w a friend or eating w someone closr. No faces were shown in the picture. P. S. he seems like an intellectural/nerdy but popular guy... (just to give y'all some insight on those type of guys' charaxcter traits.) And i promise im not a stalker!! lol smh :(


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  • I think it was a date. lol But have you ever asked yourself how you would feel if he found out you went through all of this "investigating"?

    I do though, seriously... I think it was a date. Sounds like a nice dinner.