It this enough time for her?

Seeing your girlfriend every other weekend. Friday - Sunday. We live next door. Teens

I don't live next door I go up there to visit my grandparents


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  • Ask her, not random girls on the Internet. :P (These questions are for personal reflection only) How much do y'all talk? What's the nature of your relationship? What do y'all do together?
    My bf and I met at college. We certainly don't have a shortage of time to spend together during the semester, but it's a long drive to visit during the summer. I wish we could see each other as much as you and your girlfriend get together, but sadly we don't have the relatives excuse. It's manageable, but definitely ask your girlfriend for her opinion.

    Don't forget to hang out with your grandparents!


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  • Depends on how much you guys talk. Over the phone, video chat, facebook, kik, snapchat, ect. It really depends on how patient she is. You have to ask her yourself. Every female is different. My boyfriend is hours away, and I'm not going to be able to see him in 3-4 months. In my eyes, its worth waiting for. That's the question you really have to ask. :) Good luck my dear sir. <:3

    • What should i say?

    • Say, "Baby I hope i'm giving you enough time. I'm trying my hardest I really am, to make you happy. If i'm doing something wrong or not meeting your expectation, don't think twice about talking to me about it" Something along those lines. Sorry im a bit late. Was a bit busy yesterday

  • Hey, it depends also what sort of character/needs your girl has. IF she's a very in need of close contact and always hint you by saying she's missing you all the time, yeah that;s not enough. But if she's a laid back, homely quiet girl who either prefer times on her own at home to do her own stuff, then it might enough. Ask her... or at least try get to know her personality


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