A guy that I met online....

Okay so I have met a guy on Match.com...or I should say we are emailing. In his last email he suggested getting together sometime.

I would feel much more comfortable with talking on the phone first.

Do I tell him this?

Or do I just say sure and hope that he then asks for my number?


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  • Don't lead him on. Be straight forward from the beginning. If he is a decent guy, he won't mind getting to know you on the phone first , if it makes you comfortable. (Typically, I would never hook up with a guy online , if we hadn't talked on the phone for a WHILE). If he's not cool with the phone convo , then delete him & forget about it all together.

  • It sounds like he is keen on you, likes what he knows so far and would like to translate it in to real life. I'm sure that he would apeciate you being honest and he will be happy to talk to you a couple of times on the phone before meeting in public.

    Just make sure that you do not give out any other personal details. Most people on the internet are geunine and honest but you do get the odd person who lies or is syco.

    Also the other thing is just be careful when you meet up with him, make sure a friend or family memeber knows where you are, only meet up in a public place where it is very busy and there is lots of light and don't go anywhere alone with him. Excuse your self to go to the bathroom half way through the date and call your friend to let them know that you are ok. don't message, let them here your voice and let them know when you are home as well. Do not get a lift with the guy either.

    I would also be saying the same thing if you said that you had met this person in a bar.

    Other wise good luck, just be honest with him, I'm sure he will understand and I'm sure all will be fine.

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