Im hopeless.. Please help!!!?

Hey everyone! Please give me real advices and tell me what u think about my story! Here it goes; I've been speaking to a guy on Facebook who is a bit older than me and is a good anchor.(news presenter, not very famous) i was the one who sent him a message three months ago.. i wrote how i appreaciate him. It was a very kind msg. Never thought he would add me as friend! Im very attractive woman. He spoke to me almost everyday till this time. He even wore a blue tie once because i wanted!!! He is also a amateur painter and told me that he could paint a pic of me! And i was over the moon!!! But for a couple of weeks he doesn't speak to me... He doesn't send any message if i dont send first. We lastly spoke yesterday. It was a very cold n defo short conversation which was started by me!!! Now im hopeless... We spoke almost everyday till the morning night for 3 months... So im planning to give up on him... Do u think he will ever message me again like the old tmes? What should i do? Give up? Or not? Please help.. Many thanks...


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  • till the 'morning night' lol
    anyway, hey dear, chill out. there must have been happening some problem with him. I mean, he works at a television news, is a anchor and must have plenty of work. dear, he will talk more with ya, just give him some time.

    peace :D

    • Lol u know i meant "light" not "night". Keypad error! Anyway thanks for the reply! Hope ur right! ;-)

  • Don't give up. Your perseverance will stand out to him. Heck, he could be testing you to see how much you really are into him!


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