Can you help gauge his interest?

there's this guy i like. we're both supporters of the same local soccer club. we also follow each other on twitter, and before the last game of the season last week, we were joking back and forth. he came up to meet at the game and told me i was the queen of Twitter and i killed it. i told him that he set me up, and he told me i knocked it down. so, after that, i waited a day, and friended him on facebook. i also got the brilliant idea to ask him to borrow a scarf for a work theme day. i asked him this on saturday, and he said "yeah definitely!" so last night, he messaged me asking when he should drop off the scarf. he said he was free tonight before and after his game, and i told him after would be best as i had a funeral today. he told me he was sorry to hear that. then he told me "warning: i will probably be sweaty and gross after the game. so basically like every other time you see me." and i jokingly said "haha, ooh, sexy" and joked that he wouldn't be covered in whiskey this time (we also volunteered at a fundraiser pouring whiskey) and he said "true, probably not anyway, we normally just drink beer" then he said he was going to bed and wished me luck with everything today.

i chatted him a little while ago, and we're supposed to meet up in a few hours.

do you guys think he's interested? and how should i play it?


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  • sounds like he interested but play it chill nigga... sometimes the overedgar put off a guy


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