How do you guys (or girls) cope with being single?

I am currently 27 years old and I have never been in a relationship. I have been on a few dates but they only last between 1 - 2 dates. I've been trying to find ways to cope with me never being in a relationship. It doesn't help that most women I lay my eyes on either have a boyfriend, are damaged good or need counseling, are arrogant and entitled just like my parents, and most are getting ready to get married.

Some of the things that I have done to cope with being single are:
- Going out Salsa and Bachata dancing (to meet women, to impress women, as well as be able to touch women without being a pervert)
- Hip-Hop dancing (to meet women as well as impress them and look for homeboys to chill with)
- Cooking (to save money on eating out and to impress women proving to them that I am future-bound and am boyfriend-material and can provide. Hell, i want to prove to a woman that I can provide)
- Hanging out with friends (although lately many of them have been busy lately and there are times where I don't hang out with them for months on end)
- Masturbating to facebook/instagram pictures and p*rn (Hey, I have sexual needs that need to be met and most women don't like it when guys bring up sex so I let her bring it up by me impressing her to do so)
- Staying busy with biking at Bike Parties/Bike gatherings (to meet women and to clear my mind off hating being single. As well as working out to impress women)
- Working out (to meet women and to prove to a girl that I am physically capable of pleasing her and can help her out with whatever she needs)
- Seeing a counselor (getting my shit together career-wise and personal-wise to show a girl that I can provide for her)
- Smoking marijuana (for medicinal reasons to cope with my anxiety when I am partner dancing or dancing with the homies at a House/Hip-Hop club)

What do you guys do to cope with being single?

What else can I do, based on my list to cope wit being single? Is what I'm doing on this list even good for me?


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  • If you have a fairly long list on how you making yourself into every women's dream boat, you might be trying to hard. Try doing more activities simply because you enjoy them. Women can sense when you are trying too hard. People are attracted to confident happy people. Wellbutin I found is for helpful for anxiety and depression than marijuana. If they're is something wrong with every women to lay your eyes on, you maybe too critical or just have bad taste. You can date younger or women that have been married before if you don't want to date women that are looking for marriage.

    • Honestly, I'm just trying to get my act together and do things that will make me datable while at the same time doing things that I love. I love dancing and I love it so much that now I'm getting serious about competing. Honestly its hard for me not to impress someone because I always try and male people happy. Whether its friends, women, and sometimes even family (even though I'm scared of them). That list I mentioned, I love doing what I do but since I've been single for too long, I've been turning to all the hobbies that I like to do to meet women. I'd be lucky to even get a girl to notice me or talk to me.

      in the past, I have creeper women out (since grade school) and have been trying to get my act together and prove to women that I'm datable and can be future bound I. e. Marriage).

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  • Trying to improve myself.
    Reading a lot.
    Cooking and keeping my apt clean.
    Long walks.
    Trying to be helpful to friends & family.


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  • i'm a year younger than you and always have been single as well, my biggest regret lately is not making an effort to get my shit together earlier