Borderline between hanging out and date?

For a girl that you like and are trying to get to know by hanging out, what makes the difference between hanging out and a date. To clarify, if a girl knows you like her but wants to get to know you before dating, how do you specify the difference between asking her out as friends and dating her? Do you just have to wait to get to know each other in school and not hang out outside of school?

  • Get to know eachother in school only.
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  • Hang outside of school without dating (how would you ask?)
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  • If you aren't friends in school and don't talk, stick with making her laugh during class. But if you guys are familiar with each other then you should ask to hang out side of school with some of your friends and some of hers. That way you can get to know each other outside of school without the awkwardness of a first date. After you both hang out with friends a little bit, you can ask her on an official first date.


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  • Anytime you plan to be with a girl alone, consider it a date. If someone's parents or friends are around then it is not a date. No such thing as asking a girl out as"friends." You're young, but usually, dating is the conventional method of getting to know someone. However, if you work or go to school with them-as is the case here-then yeah, just "hang" with this chick at school. Or after with friends.

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