I really need some advice right now?

Ok so, I've been talking tot his girl i met for about 6 months now and we really like each other. I haven't really told her how I feel yet so we're not officially dating right now. Anyway, I found out that her ex-boyfriend passed away a couple years ago while they were still dating.. She still has feelings for him and I don't really know what to do. She has talked to me about it, and she REALLY misses him and it seems like she won't be able to move on. I love this girl and I want to be with her, but I know how she feels and how hard it must be for her.. Should i just give up and just be there for her?


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  • Stay with her! My brother had a gf before he passed away and it is very hard. But over time she will learn to cope with it. She will always miss him and always have a special place in her heart for him. Just give her some time. She will soon come around to you.

    • I hope so, I'm going to be there for her no mater what. Thanks.

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    • Very true, most of the time she initiates conversations and she always wants to hang with me. So i have some hope haha. Thank you though, really appreciate the kind words

    • Your welcome! :)

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  • DONT GIVE UP! be there for her. be a good friend for now and support her and in time she'll realize that she can't sulk about the past, that she needs to move on, she just needs help (you) to move on from what she had and realize she has a good guy supporting her despite her still loving the other guys and she'll know that you love her. I mean being there for someone while they're still in love with someone else is strong and she'll realize it.

    • Hopefully, kinda bummed out right now thinking about it. But time will tell I guess.

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  • Don't be her crutch, it's noble, but it will kill you. Being part of her life is fantastic, and you're thrilled with her. Watching her from the sidelines forevermore will grind away at you and you don't need that, neither does she.

    If she's beautiful, tell her. If she's wonderful, tell her. You're going to have to jump from the friend zone into the romantic zone sooner or later, and the longer you wait, the more you will wish that you hadn't.

    Worse, she might get away.

    There are times where fortune favors the bold, so I offer an old phrase. Carpe Diem. It means "Sieze the Day". In today's twitterverse, that's the original way to say "YOLO".

    Don't drop the "L-word" on her just yet. But don't let another day pass without telling her where your heart is.

    • Thank you so much, I really needed this.