Stuck between 2 big choices , really need input?

Hi ,
I have been speaking to a guy I've known for years the past couple of weeks , a lot.
we both have deep feelings for eachother and we both make eachother really happy , its so natural when were together.
But one problem.. My cousin who I've been close with since we were in diapers , and my mom both do not like him.
Why you may ask? because he doesn't " look " serious.
my mom saw him for 5 minutes when dropping my son off at my place , and she quickly judged and refuses to like him or meet him ever based off of " bad vibes " .
Its really hard on me because I care about all 3 of them , what do I do? do I continue to see this guy.. or do I listen to them and end it all together?


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  • continue to see him, fuck your mum she's too judgmental how can you not like a guy because of bad vibes?


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