Should I stop hanging out with this guy after his crazy ex gf tried to fight me?

Well the world is small. I felt like I was in a soap opera because what just happened didn't seem real but it did happened.

His crazy ex gf turned out to be Gina, some girl who claimed she always disliked for so long and kept on saying things like ''Oh so that's the because he left me, didn't him, etc''. He tried to tell her to stop but she wouldn't.

She went on saying Well you know what... At this point, I just reached out and grabbed her right arm tightly. I was upset as hell obviously and said if she didn't stop, I would hit harder than what she try to do and then added ''If you try something else, I will block it too and knock you out''. She left angrily and he explained that's his crazy ex gf sometimes and she sometimes calls him or shows up at his work. He found it funny and explained that it's first time she backed off.

Though now I'm not sure if I even want to continue seeing him. It's only been nearly 2 weeks of knowing him and already have to deal with blocking a slap.

I don't really like fighting nor being seen as a fighter by guys. He did asked how I was able to block it but seriously this has been the most embarrassing day ever.
That was the first time someone ever try to hit me and hopefully the last time.


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  • wow fuckng bitch. why let a skank get in the way of happiness, if she tries it again make sure you report her to police

    • If she does it again, then she would have to be stupid. Her hit would just be blocked again (luckily I do know how to block hits but barely talk about that to anyone) and I'm going to return it to her. Already warned her, I would reply back if there is a next time. Hopefully she gets the message.

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