Im shy around girls, girls that I think our out of my league seem to just like me without me doing anything, how do I become more confident?

Ok so basically i'm a 20 year old guy, never had that much experience with women. Only had 2 short childish relationships i wouldn't really count those 2, i've had one serious relationship which just ended that lasted almost 2 years. Frankly it was terrible, my ex was extremely controlling and demanding, i have to earn this much in the future to be with her etc, we butted heads a lot because i didn't expect anything from her, i don't expect her to drive me around or clean after me because she is a woman, but she was very traditional in what she thought a man ought to do for her. We never agreed on this argued and argued and that was the enc.

So as you can see no experience at all well barely, i have never even approached a girl in my life, my last 2 ex's before my most recent one were family friends who just happened to like me, and it went from there. Even this last ex i met while i was drunk for some reason i was being confident probably because of the alcohol because i would never do this but i asked for her number and we started speaking and that was it.

I want to be more confident and experience more things about women like my likes and dislikes to find out what i want in a woman. I'm 6'5" just an average guy looks wise, but i always get a lot of attention from girls. At clubs i always have a few girls trying to approach me or talk to me, there was even this girl on my course who is beautiful iremember meeting her for the first time and watching her walk away and thinking how would a guy even go about approaching a girl like that she must be with a super confident guy. Then i find out SHE LIKES ME, i honestly had met her once and she's telling her friends and it got back to me i was completely shocked as how this keeps happening but it keeps happening with a lot of girls. A couple really pretty girls of my course apparently like me aswell.

I just want to be more confident and talk to these girls get to know them etc but i get shy how do i stop this?


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  • "I just want to be more confident and talk to these girls get to know them etc but i get shy how do i stop this?" -

    Practice, practice, practice my friend. You might always be a little shy but competence counts for more than confidence. Do you want a "confident" pilot or a "competent" pilot?

    Naturals are naturals and they are of the smallest percentage. For all the rest of us it took practice. So you're not a race-car out the box, no big deal. Neither was I. It took going through the motions. Approach after approach after approach. Your main objective should be getting their number. If you get this far with a chick consistently, you're on the right track. Then it's less about saying or doing the right things, and more about not saying or doing the wrong things. Every female decides whether not they will have sex with you in the first 3-5 seconds of seeing you. After that it's just a game of keeping it up. The wrong thing comes out of your mouth and it's all do not pass go, do not collect the punani, go directly home cause you ain't going with her.


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  • You have to stop questioning why and just do it you won't have your looks forever you have to believe those girls really do like you and just enjoy and date them and the time you have.