I don't know if I should go for him?

There is a really nice guy that I used to like. We never really talked much because I was always too shy, then we got separated because of summer. Now summer is almost over and it just so happens that I see him again because our paths cross when we are walking to our summer courses. I mean, he is really nice, and I have liked him before, but we are a little different. His music and hobbies are not my music and hobbies. I don't always catch onto his sense of humor, and he doesn't always catch onto mine... basically, I like him a little, but there has never been a strong "click." Do you think that maybe there would be a click further down the road, or am I just desperate to not be single? He seems open to getting to know me better. I am just not sure if we should go down that road...


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  • The thing about music and hobbies is that you can grow to like them. It definitely helps when you sort of click at the beginning but I don't think it's a necessary thing. There's a saying that opposites attract. Don't know if it's true but that's what I've heard so why not give it a try?


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