How do you tell if going out with someone from work is just 2 friends or if it's like a first date?

I asked if a girl at work would she like go out with me sometime and she said yes (our date isn't for a while)

I was wondering how do you tell if going out with someone from work is just 2 friends or if it's like a first date?

thanks for the responses. I'm going to see her at work tomorrow and try to see how she feels about it but not to be so direct.
found out she's much younger than I thought... we both canceled the date. (I assume she thought I was younger)


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  • First off, becareful dating anyone at work. You always run the risk of things ending poorly and getting awkward.

    That being said, she may be in the same boat as you, wondering what to make of it. Why not treat it as two friends going out for a good time? If you both have fun, ask her out again but make sure you make it clear next time you want to go on a date.


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  • hmmn generally...i think anytime ur out with the opposite sex, its not necessarily a date...but it does show that they are interested in you and would like to eventually date you...


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  • Well, that is a lot of details missing here to really tell what might be going on. But when you asked her out what did you mean, as friends or as a date? Odds are if you asked as a date then it is a date. I do not know anything about the job but here is a standard warning. Be careful when dating people you work with, things can get strange even if they are working out fine with that person. Good luck.

    • Well I said would you like to go out some time. maby I should have said out on a date but I didn't wana make her feel overwhelmed.

      I know dating someone at work can be a bit strange but I'm interested in her and I don't go out to bars that often. (the place I'm currently living plays country allot)

    • If you are cool with everything then relax, do not stress, and have fun on your DATE. Remember to be a gentleman.

  • well good luck. I did this same exact thing, but the girl said yes to a date and never followed through with it. :( so be careful about dating within the workplace. It's tricky, but it's doable.

    • I know dateing at work is dangrous but I don't go out to bars (hate being around drunks) so the only way to meat girls is at my work. kinda lame but true.