Are we broken up or is this the silent treatment?

I know this is a little long please read im so confused!

Me and my boyfriend got into a fight Friday we have been dating for a year this one is really bad and I don't know what to do!
First off this one is most likely my fault but it is because in the past he's done things I should of dumped him for he destroyed my trust. I called him a liar and accused him of things he wasn't doing I felt so mad I broke up out of anger and quickly said sorry and that I spoke out of anger.

He still wants to break up but finally that same night he said ok we will work on it and that we were back together and he still loves me and all that.

here's the weird part! Later that night I went to say by to him and he was still very mad and I went to kiss him goodbye and he wouldn't kiss me when I said love you he goes I love you too kinda. He said this in front of his friends. As I walk away he goes Bye (my name). I didn't say anything.
It is now Monday and he hasn't talked to me or answered my calls.

What do I do? Is this a break up or is he just cooling down?


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  • I would take it as a cooling down. But it doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. You guys should learn how to fight better and gain trust. I would send him a text explaining your sorry, etc or how you feel give it a couple days to respond and if he doesn't maybe call it off. Do you really want to be in a relationship with somone who is embarased infront of friends or is to immature to work it out?


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  • I really think he did that because his friends were there.. the whole ignoring thing, something is going on... honestly.. I don't see how a bf could dead ignore you like that. You have all right to be suspicious of him & he should have tried to understand why you blew up at him. You apologized and y'all stated what y'all were doing but he still is ignoring you & stuff? No.. FIGURE IT OUT or even tho this is hard... take this time to move on.

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