I need help I know most of it is looks but can't I do any thing to make it better?

I'm 20 and I suck with girls it's really bad I've only had to girlfriends and I only text 1 girl and she's to good you me I see girls out and just can't talk to them some will smile or come up and talk to me but I can never get a number or i do I can't get I'm self to send a text mostly of the time thay are out of my League anyway the only thing I got is I'm a good guy and if I'm with I'm friends who are all dicks to girls win I do try to talk to girls and don't wanna to be the nice guy because it wood not work for me anyway so I just don't say anything even if she try's to talk to me and I just need help with this

And just so everyone knows I'm not looking for the one night kind of girl


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  • Okay first of all nice guys finish last and sometimes never. Don't be too nice. It's a turn off whether girls are willing to admit it or not. You say your friends are all dicks. Do they get chicks? I bet they do. Don't be a dick, but don't be a doormat either. Girls like a challenge, and for better or worse that's what badboys have to offer women. When I was your age all my friends were assholes to girls, and guess what, they all had plenty of them hangin' around. I was the "nice guy" and didn't get shit. I thought I could nice them into liking me. All I ever did was nice them right out of my life. You say it doesn't work for you, dude, it doesn't work for any guy.

    Most of it is NOT looks. You are WRONG. I can't tell you how many average looking guys I've known and still know that have beautiful females in their lives. I am better looking than most of my friends and I can't pull some of the hotties they can. So if you take care of yourself and work on your game, then you will be fine. However, if there's something you don't like about your appearance then you need to handle it.

    Dude I have been in your shoes, I didn't get a handle on women and dating until my late 20s. You don't have to figure this out by next week or anything. And Anonymous is on the right track. Practice talking to females every chance you get. You know, grocery store checker, waitress, bank teller, teacher, lifeguard, your friends girls, so on and so forth until you're more comfortable. Then you can practice approaching women you want to talk to. If you can get comfortable doing that then getting there number is next. Practice, practice, practice. It's like lifting weights, if it's your first time or you haven't done it regularly in a while it is painful at first. Then after enough days, enough reps, your muscles get used to it. You gotta get through the pain man.


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  • First you have to be friends with girls to get over your fear of talking to them. Girls like to listen as well as talking. So find mutual ground like cars, music, movies. Keep it simple. As soon as you are over that fear of striking out go to a potential girl and try to be yourself and just talk and listen. Flirting doesn't need to be a bunch of pickup lines you try to remember cause it worked for other guys. Forget that crap they don't work.

    you are at a bar and see a girl walk up to her casually - Normal greeting hello and how you or nice to meet you? keep eye contact, but don't be creepy cause a girl will turn around and walk away.
    Comment about the music or ask her where she from find something out about her. just talk no private things just in general. Some girls like that a guy has some general knowledge about things.

    • It's not really a fear of talking to them it's i thick she don't want to talk to me but thanks

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  • You are your own worse enemy with the " I only text 1 girl and she's to good" and "mostly of the time thay are out of my League anyway". There are no leagues. If you're confident and know how to socialize properly you're as good as any guy. Bring up your self-esteem! If you're a nice guy use that to your advantage not all girls like douches.