I REALLY like this guy but I'm not sure if he even likes me as much? PLEASE HELP?

so this guy an i have been talking for years.. 4 years to be exact and we are really good friends but we have also liked each other for about the same time.. but we couldn't do anything about it because we were both in relationships.
As of right now tho.. we are both single!
The thing is.. he's only in the country where i live for the summer (which will be over in a month) because he's in university and when he goes back I'll still be here..
We've hung out once since he's been here and we talked for hours about all kinda stuff..
We joked at the fact that no one knew or knows that we like each other and that its cute that its our little secret.
As much as I like him an he likes me.. we both know that nuthing can happen because he's goin back soon..
We talk like everyday and stuff but i feel kinda dumb just waiting around for him (even tho i know nuthing can happen)..
I mean he's still goin out with his people and enjoying his summer being single and i can't be mad at him cuz he is single..

Am i wasting my time?
Should i jus forget about him and move on , instead of waiting for him and not letting any other guy get to know me cuz in my mind i feel like he's the one for me?



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  • I would've at the very least enjoyed a summer fling. But to each their own. May as well back burner this one till next summer, or perhaps even till after your college careers. See what's what then. Meantime you are definitely wasting a lot of energy that could be better put to use.


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