Did I overreact or was I justified?

My girlfriend isn't talking to me right now and we haven't spoke since two days ago because of the fight we had. I got upset at her because when I broke up with her she slept with her ex the one I hate. He tried to get at her when she was with me. They slept together and had one other fling then she broke it off. She told me that because she believes we should have an honest relationship and she doesn't want the word to get to me all twisted. I believe she shouldn't have slept with him at all and I feel a bit betrayed. She knows I hate him so why bother? I also was mad at her because she threw it out all my alcohol. I did pick up the habit of drinking when she was gone and I was free to date other woman. It helped me get comfortable around other woman and helped me talk to them. My girlfriend threw and dumped all my alcohol out and told me I needed to stop and she wasn't going to be back with someone who is going to ruin their life. When we were fighting I told her that she was selfish and all she does is inflict pain on me mentally and never let's me do what I want. She remained quiet and told me she didn't want to fight. I told her to get out and I needed time to think about us. I apologized the next day sent her flowers and texted her because she wouldn't answer her calls. But I haven't heard from her.


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  • "She knows I hate him so why bother?" -

    Because men and women have sex for different reasons. In this instance she did it to get back at you. She could've have sex with anyone, but she did it with him; the guy you hate. Clearly it worked.

    " I also was mad at her because she threw it out all my alcohol." -

    That's all I need to read. This broad is toxic, or at least this relationship is. If you value your, life, your freedom, and your sanity, then move on bro. This is only the beginning.


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  • I feel like there is something you might be leaving out, but if this is all true you just need to move on. Even if you get back together it'll be way to hard knowing what happened. I'd just move on, but be careful to never drink again. No girls like that shit and you shouldn't either. And I mean drinking when you're mad or anything, not recreation.

  • sounds like a toxic relationship!


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  • If you broke up with her and then she slept with her ex or someone else you can't really blame her. I would however think about what YOU did wrong.

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