I will appreciate it, if you guys advised me, cause I truly need it, my story is confusing. And I am outta control?

Well, I was in a relationship with an amazing guy. I have never felt happier than that before. He loved me, with my flaws, he said that I am perfect the way I am. It was a long-distance relationship. but he said that doesn't matter, he was gonna come and meet me soon. Until my parents found out, and forced me to break up with him, I just did. though I know that I shouldn't have done it. But what's done is done. After like a year, I had a dream, about him and when I woke up, I decided to send him a message, simply to apologize. and to explain everything. I made a new account (so that he replies). I added him on facebook. I wrote him a long message. and his reply was 'angels shouldn't apologize'<33. He was sweet, and understanding. We talked and he asked me about my number again, then He called me, and told me that he has missed me so much; he was flirting with me, and that made my day. He asked me if I have a new boyfriend, I said No, he told me that he was in two relationships, but he wasn't happy with them both. anyways, I was flying, I just wanted to talk with him forever. He said that we should talk everyday &that I can call him whenever I want. then both of us went to sleep. In the next day, everything's changed. we were talking like stangers. He takes years to reply me, &sometimes he reads it, and replies me after two days. He talks with his friends in facebook, but takes ages to reply to mine, then he comes and say "I am sorry, I've been busy with work". we didn't talk on the phone as he told me. We don't talk & I don't know what to do, does he think that I am annoying? do we have chance together? what should I do, I need advice. My friend told me that I should wait &that I shouldn't rush, but I am afraid that maybe he likes another girl, because I am not perfect, &he has lots of gorgeous friends (girls) everywhere who are simply perfect. I am the kind of girls who never falls in love, therefore, I don't wanna miss this chance. He's the only guy that I loved.


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  • U have been used perfectly by him. He will not pay attention on u anymore. Sounds harsh. But true. You need to look forward and forget him now. He did his work and now is is on next mission. Sorry for that.
    Girls very often dont like caring guys. They like mascular , Disco type guys and then pay the price. U forget him. otherwise u will start loosing ur hapiness too.

    • Thank you truly much for commenting.
      But there's one thing, I'd like to explain, Actually, He is not a disco type guy, he is simple. that's why I liked him. Furthermore, he did a lot of good stuff to me when we were together. But I hurt him When I left him at first, because I didn't even explain why I am leaving.
      I am sure that he doesn't trust me anymore, that is why.
      but you are still right, He will not pay attention on me anymore. I should forget about it.
      Thank you once again, appreciated.

    • Thanks for liking my comment. Life is so.. u have to go ahead whatever the condition may be. best of luck. hope u get better guy than him.

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