How do I deal with this aching feeling?

Hey all,

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months at this point, and summer time is when we both go on vacation. Back on June 11th, I graduated, and she attended the commencement, came back to my house with the family, and then left once it got late. We had a fantastic day, and the next day, I left to Arizona, and didn't return until July 21. The day after, we saw each other for the entire day, and had yet another amazing time together, despite it ending earlier than we anticipated due to an unrelated circumstance (I was in a massive hurry, and I accidentally left without giving her any sort of nonverbal goodbye. Now, less than a week after, she went up to Michigan to be with her family, and since then I've had the most down, depressed feeling I've ever felt, and never felt before.

As some background, I have emotional detachment, she's my first serious girlfriend, and I love her with all my heart. Due to my detachment, I've never really felt any other emotions than apathy and anger, until her. I didn't feel this way when I left to Arizona, but it's horrible now. What the heck can I do to deal with this? Keeping myself occupied has proved to not do much as I still get this melancholic feeling. We still talk every day, and our relationship is definitely still strong, but I don't want to tell her I'm still feeling this way because she's gone without me. That would ruin her fun, and that's not what I want.

Why the hell does it say I'm under 18? I AM 18...


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  • dude, this is just normal heartache. My guy has to work away occasionally, but it's for weeks on end when he does, and even after 7 years I still miss him like crazy! You're pining, and it's only natural because you love her so much, let her know though - it's always nice to know someone is missing you terribly!


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  • lol omg that update though haha ok anywho!

    This is such a cute relationship! Why not skype? You guys really do sound like you guys are close! The good thing is summer is almost over and you'll have your girl in your arms, and you won't feel empty anymore! So just keep that in mind, she's going to be there at the end of summer (:

  • Perhaps you feel your loosing her? No communication.. Not enough? Or maybe you just have emotional problems and need therapy.


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