Had a great time with my crush but now I'm just confused need help!?

I went to see my former crush this past weekend. He just got back home, and text me everyday since he got home to make plans to hangout. While we were together he told me he was nervous around me cause he used to have a crush. He flirted the whole time and even kissed me several times. He also tricked me into staying the night with him and asked for me to stay the next day with him. He kept making comments about what he can do to make me come back to see him and also made a joke that he was gonna keep me there locked up. He was talking about getting new furniture and added that he needed something that we both could fit on. I couldn't stay the day with him and had to leave early I woke him up after only sleeping four hours so I could leave. When he said good bye he gave me an awkward side hug. After I left he text me he was sorry that he was tired and took so long to wake up for me to leave. We had a short conversation and haven't talked since. I'm not sure what to do now. He also gave me a gift that I forgot at his place. I just don't know if I should text him or if its a lost hope?


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  • text him dont lose hope too soon


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