Should I hold back or continue to date him? I don't know what to do... which is out of the ordinary to me?

I started dating this guy for about 30 days now. He is very honest and open with me. He says he likes me a lot but he realize that I'm holding back on him. I like him but I guess I'm a little nervous because we are building a very strong friendship and things change after sex. He has met my friends. He likes them and they like him. Yesterday he shared with me that there is this woman that he hasn't heard from since November of last year. He says she stopped contacting him with no explanation. She was happy with him. He says the last time he contacted her was April by email but there was no response. However she sent him a Happy Birthday text out of no where last June. He says now he feels like he need closure but that I don't have to worry. Should I be worried? I told him to contact her again because if she likes him i don't want to come between them. I told him that but he said I don't need to think like that and that he's with me now. I don't know how to take that because he says he needs closure. It's hard for me to open up and I can feel my feelings growing for this guy. What would you do? Would you hold back on dating someone in that situation or continue to go with the flow of things? Should I trust him?


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  • trust him, who knows where it could lead


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