Guys! Please gives me a clue why my bf doesn't say I love you even he is so committed to me?

My bf of 5 months and I have been great together. We go on vacations, talk on the phone every night, laugh a lot and he even asked me if I wanted to move in with him... But he still doesn't say he loves me.
On top of that he always says he doesn't know the future with me. He says he really likes me but he says he doesn't know where this relationship is heading for.

Is there any chance that he will fall In love with me from now? I feel like I don't have anything else I can show him about me and my love for him. ( I haven't said I love him) It has been 5 months and he sounds like he is not feeling it yet.. I thought it might be because he was dumped by his ex of 7 years 3 months before we started dating but still...

Have you been in the same situation?
Do you think he isn't really feeling love for me?


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  • Why would you need the words when it's there in his actions, that's how men say it lol

    • Yea lol but he says he isn't sure about future... His actions are saying he cares about me a lot and he has deep connection with me... I don't know why he is saying this isn't love yet...

    • men can live for and enjoy the moment while women care more about the future... if he is not sure and you aren't comfortable with that, then you should tell him what you want so you don't end up wasting time or getting hurt with someone who wants different things.

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  • Nothing wrong in it. Many guys say it on bed only. They feel saying uncomfortable.

    • Do you feel uncomfortable saying it? He is a very affectionate guy... I don't think he would only say it in bed...
      You say nothing wrong in it but he is saying he isn't sure about future..,,

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  • It seems like he isn't ready yet to it. Since he is so uncertain about the future of the relationship, perhaps he is waiting until he it's clear to him before he says it.

    • I hope so. I am just hoping that he already know his answer but he is still being with me.