Does this mean he's not interested?

So I was 85% sure he liked me... We text everyday, he remembers things like my birthday, favourite flowers, pretty much said he did in so many words. I said to him not long ago about on his next day off we're hanging out and he said 'that sounds like a good idea.' & when he brought up about needing a day off I said 'so you can amuse me.' And he said 'yeah maybe if your lucky.'

Well today I asked what his plans were for thu and he was busy which was fine and he asked why what's up. I said that I was jist going to see if he wanted to grab some food... Thing is he's seen it & hasn't replied is this a really obvious sign he's not interested, he hasn't even suggested rearranging let alone a reply!!


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  • how long has he not replied for

    • An hour... He read it at 12.35

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    • I'm not fussed about the time! It took him over 12 hours to reply last night because he fell asleep. It's the fact he's read it & he never normally replies if he has an gone this long without replying.

    • omg how dare he sleep without mssging back!! i do that sometimes, i read it and then reply when i have time

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