Will becoming Amish help me find that woman I seek?

I may become Amish so that I can find a virgin girl to marry. What do you think. Like said, I will do absolutely anything to find her, even if it means taking extreme measures and making life changes.

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Premarital sex study has confirmed that premarital sex correlates to higher divorce rates.

Kahn and London. Joan R. Kahn, Kathryn A. London, 'Premarital Sex and the Risk of Divorce', Journal of Marriage and the Family 53 (1991): 845-855


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  • Ehm I think it's pretty offensive to them. The lifestyle actually means something to them and you just want in to get laid.
    I'm sure it's statistically more likely to find one that is, but plenty of young Amish people have sex before marriage. Especially during rumspringa. Statistics mean nothing to the individual, even if 99% of them were virgins, you might just find the one that isn't. And once you're married there, you can't go back. Same goes for the study, statistics mean nothing to the individual.

    Do you even know anything about amish everyday life? So you don't just stay there for a few months, get married, get laid and then leave her. Although I'd doubt they'd let you marry someone after just a few months

    • I will stay with her forever

    • that's easy to say, but that's a VERY VERY different lifestyle. Everything I said still stands

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  • If you're planning on becoming Amish, you need to stop using the internet immediately.

  • whatever floats your boat

  • This seems a bit extreme, don't you think?

    • no, not in my eyes. i will do whatever it takes to find and marry that one special girl

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    • i feel like you are being an "askhole" in that everyone here is saying that this is a bit extreme but you aren't really listening.

    • Did you even watch the video on the purity ball? I would like a girl like that one day

  • They've many girls out there that are still virgins. Like many other people have said there's a good change that the Amish girl may not even be a virgin. Just look around there are still girls that want to save them selves for marriage. I'm one of them.

  • omg no! wtf what is it with guys and virgins? r u a virgin? I doubt it!
    and even if u r so what? what does it matter?
    and people become Amish because it actually means something to them and they believe in it, not just to shag a virgin chick!

  • Dude the problem isn't finding a virgin. Its finding ANY woman who would want to sleep with you.

    • Truth, righ here

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    • i will do anything in my absolute power to find myself an untouched woman. She will be beautiful and one of a kind when I find her, it will make her that much more special.

    • Good luck with that

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  • lol at the utterly nonsense study included in the OP Update. It's the other way around, abstinence forces marriage rates up and also forces divorce rates up along with it. People without that arbitrary rule don't rush into marriage, so don't need to get divorced. It's really not that hard to understand.

    Anyways, no. Becoming Amish is silly. Finding a partner is hard. Living an incredibly boring, unsatisfactory life in an Amish camp is not the way to do it.

    • I rather find myself an untouched woman by giving up my luxuries than to have my first experience with an already touched woman.

    • and where is your reference

  • LOL What is the obsession with virgins these days? When you pop their cherry I can almost guarantee you will be very disappointed, and then be sleeping in a bed made of hay thinking "What the hell have I gotten into" lol You''ll be signing "Amish paradise" by Weird Al.

    • like said, i rather give up all my possessions than to never find that untouched woman. no double standards, I am a virgin myself, 20 years old

  • There's no guarantee that an Amish chick is a virgin, and then you're stuck with a slutty girl who can't charge your iphone.

    • there is a higher chance

  • well you can still find a virgin without being Amish but to answer the question I think it will definitely help your cause because it if a lifestyle change. but also what if the Amish girl isn't a virgin?

  • That purity ball video is about the fucking creepiest thing I've ever seen.

    These poor girls are being taught that their primary value lies in what they have to offer sexually to men. Virginity is valued in the Bible because women at that time were PROPERTY to be TRADED and SOLD. If you RAPED a man's daughter, you were required to PAY him for his losses, just as you'd have to do if you'd stolen a GOAT, and then all was forgiven. Because women weren't PEOPLE, they were OBJECTS.

    Why not spend a little more time teaching these girls that their worth isn't based on their sexuality?

    I hate Christians even more, now.

    • No, it is because I see virginity as something emotional and spiritual that helps bind two lovers together. You are sharing a very intimate and personable part of yourself with someone else. Like they say, you always remember your first.

    • Being a virgin is mainly a term and hymen, is a biological thing. Not emotional, not spiritual. It does not change the person. I agree sex can be very great experience with a loved one but virginity doesn't really make a difference.

    • Thank you. There's nothing emotional or spiritual about an untorn bit of skin. Having some sexual experience does not make you incapable of forming emotional or spiritual bonds.