What does he mean "not ready for a relationship?

we've been talking for a while, flirting, hanging out, and once day we almost kissed but i pulled away. Later he texts me, yes texts me. "i'm sorry, iknow we have this thing but i have a lot going on at home, i don't want you to have to deal with it"

Then i asked him later if he was just playing me all along but he said no that he still likes me he's just under stress.

What should i do? I still like him, we've talked and hungout since those texts.

Any advice would be so helpful right now


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  • He is having family problems. talk to him. help him to solve his issues then he will be fine with you.

    • how would i even brng that up? Like oh hey, what's up wanna talk about your problems? I know what's going on, i just have no idea how to bring it up and discuss it.

    • Ok. i will help u. Text or call him to meet u outside in a cafe or some else place. Then say to him that "i am seeing last few days u r looking some tense. tell me whats the matter. I am ur good friend and definitely help u to solve the problem. Also say that if he keeps quite the problem is not going to solve. For solving problem we need to discuss. Ask him to be frank and say his issues. And while listening his problems be prepared for worst. May be possible he say that my parents dint like u. so be prpared for the break up also. You tell him that you will be his good friend in any case.

  • When a guy or girl says they are not ready for a relationship, they don't want a relationship it usually means they aren't ready or don't want a relationship with you.


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