First date with friend or is it just hanging out? He may have asked me out or nah?

My friend and I go to this local tea shop sometimes to study; we've never really hung out, it's always just for school. We're always in a group.

But I sent him a selfie on snapchat bc I looked good lol and I said we need to hang out. He said Wednesday at the tea shop? And I said to study or hang out? "Either is fine. by the way you look very pretty"

I'm scared that it's gonna be a hang out with several of my friends. But is this a date? This would be my first date btw; I'm 16, the age is wrong on here.

He friend zoned me pretty hard when we first became friends a year ago. I don't know if things are different or not.

Oh yeah and I have another problem. I planned for me and my other friend to hang out the same day. She knows I like him a lot, but I don't know if she'd be pissed that I'm canceling our plans for a guy.


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  • Think of it as a fun experience you can look forward to, no need to label it as a date or hangout since either way you'd spend some time with him.

    As for your friend, she'll probably understand once you explain!

    • Yeah it ended up being--since I can't drive-- me, my sister, him, and my friend. my sister said I couldn't go without her. It wasn't terrible; it was actually a lot of fun. We went out for pizza.

    • That's great!

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  • I'm sure she'll understand, but you've gotta stop worrying.


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