Why will guys date a girl that's skinny but really ugly, and guys will never date a girl that's a little bit chubby?

why will guys date a girl that's skinny but really ugly and guys will never date a girl that's a little bit chubby who is really pretty compared to some girls?


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  • How chubby? Yes, the truth will hurt, but no one wants to be with someone seriously overweight. Now, from what I have seen, most guys don't mind somewhat overweight girls, like 20-30 pounds overweight if you dress right and look well proportioned. In the end, it's really about the girl herself and who she is. Looks only get you noticed, but it doesn't guarantee staying power. I'm a size 10-12 and I have chub in my body (arms, stomach) but I still get attention from guys because I'm proportioned properly and I have a good personality (caring, nice, smart, etc.) However, I get less attention than thinner girls usually but my goal isn't to attract every guy out there. If you are only slightly overweight and know how to dress yourself nicely, then looks shouldn't be a problem.


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  • "ugly" is a matter of opinion.

    in fact, "skinny" and "chubby" are all opinion, too.

    so are we talking about being medically overweight or obese? because I think overweight and obese are *not* attractive. it's not bigoted, it's not unfair to have that opinion. in most cases, people are overweight because they lack discipline: they eat too much and move too little, and now they say they're suffering discrimination and deserve legal protection. B.S., I say.

    I've dated skinny girls. I've dated not-so-skinny girls. I dated them because I thought they were attractive, and because they were fun to be with and seemed to care about me.

    I've never dated an obese girl, and I never will.


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  • i ask the same thing but there are guys who like girls chunky.

    i do not see how skinny is pretty at all.

    but a lot of guys do like bigger girls

    B.B.W (big, beautiful, women)

  • it's probably not because she's skinny. I don't think that's making the ultimate difference. she probably has more confidence around guys. also, guys are attracted to girls who take good care of their bodies and if she's skinny, it's a testament to that.

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