What's it like to have a boyfriend/girlfriend or to be in a serious relationship?

I'm about to be a Sophomore this year. And I'm really excited because I can finally date (I can't date until I'm 16, and I'm turning 16 Sophomore year). I know I dated in the past, but I look back and realize I never really had a boyfriend, I never got to have a real relationship. And the fact that I finally get to be taken out places with guy I like, such as at a movie theatre, at a park, at his house to play video games or at his house meeting his parents, it really excites me.

And I'm not just excited about being able to date, I'm excited to be able to crush on a guy and be able to flirt with him because now there is a reason too. Does that make sense?
It's no longer pointless to confess my feelings to a guy I like. I can finally talk to my mom about a guy I like without her going "well you can't date until your 16." I can now talk to her about a guy and for her to give me advice like she does for my older sister.

I'm sorry that this isn't really a question, but I just wanted to get this out. I guess my questions are, is it okay for me to be excited? Did you have the same no dating until 16 rule? What's it like to be in a serious relationship?


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  • It's okay to be excited, hold on to that because you tend to lose it with experience.


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