How can I know he is after money?

A new guy who is shows he is attracted to me and says he wants to be with me. I like him too but I am reluctant because:

- He honestly told me he has no job now and has no money ( OK got I gonna be paying for dates too-which is unusual in my culture).
- He accidentally asks me about my income (we were talking about jobs).
- He keeps complaining about his finances but doesn't ask money straight.

I would not dump a man because he is jobless. Anyone can have ups and downs. But I find a guy saying this much about his finances in an honest way is a source of worry.

He shows affection, but I don't know what to do. Do I keep it going or stop it?


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  • Well if he asks you for money and doesn't care about paying you back then yes he seems to value your money. It wouldn't matter to me if I was broke, I wouldn't expect my SO to bail me out or ask for it.


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  • He probably been eating bread and drinking water only and you won't share that paper with the homie. Don't be like that ma.

    • What do you want to say? Sorry but I didn't get it

    • He likes you. Just trying to get to know you a little bit. If he's job searching, nothing to worry about

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